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My Favorite Author

I think my eyeballs are falling out. Francine Rivers’s new book The Lady’s Mine just came out and I couldn’t put it down. When I was a kid, I would never pick up a book with over 400 pages, but when Francine is weaving a tale, I wouldn’t care if it was 1000 pages. I love her stories.

The Lady’s Mine takes place in a mining town in California. Kathryn Walsh is sent there by her stepfather to see a mine, a printing press, and a house she inherited from her uncle. Her mother told her life would be easier without her and her stepfather forbade her to return home.

Kathryn is a fiery redhead who is stiff-necked and proper, but unafraid to dabble in matters that get her in big trouble in a small town. She can’t do anything without everyone knowing about it. Mathias Beck, owner of the saloon and hotel across the street takes a liking to her, but try as he may, he cannot keep her out of trouble or into his arms.

It is a wonderful story with many twists and turns. I could identify with Kathryn. I once was single and living on the main street of a small town. I couldn’t get away with anything.

If you love her stories, you might like mine: The Turnaround and The Turnaround at Sea.


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