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Laughing at CoVid Cover

Who’s laughing during the pandemic? I am! As a standup comic, you learn to find humor in everything . . . even if you don’t have an audience. So, I wrote a book instead.

Dared by an agent to write a humorous memoir around the topic of CoVid 19, I took the challenge; it sounded like fun. March 3, I launched Pandemic Pandemonium as an ebook and the feedback has been as much fun as the writing project.

Telling funny stories is my favorite thing to do, but when it came to designing a cover for the book, I was stumped. Then someone turned me on to where you can design your own cover for free.

The Pandemic is a serious subject, so I needed a cover to impart the “funny” aspect of this book. I love the cover I designed; would you agree. It may not look too professional, but the picture on the front cracks me up every time I look at her. Nobody would accidentally take this memoir seriously.


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