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Karen's Biography

Karen was born in Fortuna, California in a Sanitorium that was converted to a Chinese Restaurant. . . not while she was there. Her family moved to Wheatland, CA, before she could learn to use chopsticks.


Wheatland was so small, they didn’t have a kindergarten, so technically Karen skipped a grade right off the bat  . . . and started in First.  Her father was transferred to another thriving berg named Livingston, California, famous for Foster Farms . . . where chicken pluckers process plump poultry to supplies stores across the land. 


Karen’s report cards spoke of her love for abundant talking.  But she made her first sanctioned speech in the 7th grade when she auditioned (campaigned) for the position of Student Body Secretary.  When she got her hands on that microphone, a whole new world opened.


In high school, she joined almost every club for two reasons: more campaign speeches (stage time) and her photo (head shot) in almost every page of the yearbook.


Looking forward to a captive audience, Karen graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in education.   Her audiences ranged from 3rd through 8th graders in her 23 years of classroom teaching.  And her audiences couldn’t escape without a hall pass.


Stepping into administration, she played a part in hiring, managing, training, and staff development for teachers, classified staff, substitute teachers, law enforcement, and principals.  Anything to be on stage and the center of attention.


After raising two great kids and retiring from education, she survived cancer and decided to lead the rest of her life doing only fun things, bringing joy to others and serving the Lord Jesus Christ.


At the age of 66, she read an article by Gene Perret in the Toastmaster magazine.  He was an Emmy Award Winner and writer for Carol Burnett, Bob Hope, and Phyllis Diller for over 20 years.  At the end of the article, he attached his email address. Karen sent him an email telling him she thought she’d like to become a comedian and wondered if he’d tell her the top ten things she should do.


The next morning she got the list from Mr. Perret in an email.  First on his list was to sign up for his classes.  She did . . . and the rest is history.

Karen has spoken or performed in cafeterias, hospitals, clubs, cruise ships, gymnasiums, civic centers, football stadiums, churches, restaurants, businesses, spas, ballrooms, basketball courts and back yards.

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