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Say It With Humor


Karen Robertson, Christian Comedian - Pandemic Pandemonium

Pandemic Pandemonium is funny, entertaining, and a little bit educational. A humorous memoir about the Covid-19 Pandemic from a retired comedienne's viewpoint. A non-fiction account meant to lift your spirits and give you a laugh. Just when you thought there wasn't anything left to laugh about.

A mixture of:

  • Comedy

  • Personal observations

  • Related memories

  • A few important facts. 



Great read!

A very welcome break from all the negative stuff!!

~ Forest H.


Enjoyed it thoroughly. Especially the additions to the vocabulary list. 

An easy read that kept a smile on my face the entire time.

~ Marybeth S.


I got some serious belly-laughs. In fact I laughed myself to tears at one point.

~ Jason F.

Karen Robertson, Christian Comedian - Mor for Les

My appearance in a movie with Mark Wahlberg would never have happened if it hadn’t been for my special-needs grandson, Les Paul Fountain. But there is way more to Les’s story and mine. How God changed my life and prepared me for the day Les would be diagnosed with brain cancer when he was only four. This book is for anyone who lives with, works with, or loves a special-needs person. It includes challenges, victories, and hope.

Karen Robertson, Christian Comedian - The Turnaround

Grace Partain is a forty-year-old teacher who is struggling with anxiety and a workaholic husband. She isn’t a gambler, but she hops on a Gambler’s Special Turnaround to Las Vegas in an effort to escape reality for twenty-four hours. When the bus crashes in a dust storm, Grace is missing and the search for her begins. Adventure ensues with a twisted tale of kidnapping, drugs, terror, and redemption.



Stayed up half the night reading THE TURNAROUND!  Couldn't put it down and got up early and finished reading it.  Great job, great book!  I was inspired and blessed.

~ Nancy S


You did some masterful plotting, characterizations, etc. It is all very believable and unpredictable.

Again, congrats and best wishes for sharing it with a wide audience.

~ Rebecca F


I loved it!  Seriously!  The plot was quirky, the characters were fun — I especially liked the pseudo-kidnappers. 

~ Jeri M


The Turnaround was very good with a fully involved moving plot and many good characters.  You did a great job introducing the characters to us. Adding the belief in Jesus and God and having faith through characters Grace, Phil, and Sadie was so YOU.  Contrastingly the characters of Jerry, Madeline, Pete, LeRoy, and Winner were so mean, self-centered, dishonest unintelligent, simple, or needy.

~ Betty S

I just finished reading your first novel.  Karen, it was terrific!  I actually put it down once because it was exciting and I didn't want to know what was next until I had "discussed it with my mind".  I really enjoyed the ending because Grace was saved and all the stupid guys didn't have to pay the consequences of being stupid, greedy, and slovenly.  To write a book isn't easy.  You have to have an imagination, creative mind, be well organized, disciplined, and a great desire to put words on the paper.  I am very proud of you.  I hope you have the fire to write another.  I plan on sharing this book with three different friends of mine.  Thanks for the read. 

~ Tom L.

Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 6.41.18 AM.png

Grace Partain, pregnant at forty, and her husband Phil plan a cruise to celebrate their renewed marriage. The second night at sea, Phil mysteriously disappears, and Grace suddenly finds herself alone and hysterical while the onboard search advances to the ocean. This story includes death, blackmail, murder, love, and redemption.

leo's legocy.jpeg

Leo Larchmont, an eighteen-year-old boy confined to a wheelchair, lives with his grandmother, nicknamed Gambo. His goal is to rent a shop and move his online LEGO business to a nearby shopping center. As he struggles to manage his own business and work at a casino, he is forced to deal with bullies, cannabis retailers, and the city council who stand in the way of his fight for space. This story includes danger, friendship, strategy and redemption.


When Bailey finds herself in big trouble, it seems there is no way out. How much is she willing to risk? Her life, her friendship with Brady, or punishment for disobedience?

She learns a hard lesson when she breaks the rules and goes swimming alone. Not only alone but in a neighbor's pool without permission.

The sun is sizzling hot, the water looks so refreshing, and Bailey doesn't want to listen to the voice in her head saying, "Never Swim Alone."

What could possibly happen?

Vivid 3-D illustrations will captivate your children and test their imagination.

Questions following the conclusion will give parents a springboard for conversations with their children about the value of rules and the importance of obedience. Don't we all hear that still small voice at times?

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