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April 1 – National Walking Day #NationalWalkingDay

One good thing about Day Light Savings Time, there is more hours to walk after dinner when it's not so hot. Last night my daughter Jodi and I walked two-miles in forty-two minutes just as the sun was going down in Bozeman, Montana. I'll admit, it was a little nippy compared to my So. California evening walks, and I borrowed some gloves. But Jodi is a fast walker, and after a mile or so, the blood was pumping and I was plenty warm. Twenty-one months ago, this would have seemed impossible.

In June of 2019 Jodi suffered a massive stroke, and after being airlifted to a trauma hospital in Billings, she was on life support for two weeks. Out of the coma, her treatment took her to three more rehab hospitals for a total of four months. When she got home, she refused to use the wheelchair and graduated from the cane in a hurry. Now here we are, and she's walking my legs off. I'm going to celebrate National Walking Day with her by making one of her favorite pilgrimages . . . to Costco . . . and if I can keep up the pace, we'll hit the streets after dinner again.

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