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Leaving a Legacy

As I get up in years, (I'll turn 80 on Christmas Day 2022) I wonder what my legacy will be? Will it be my faith that I passed on to someone else in a special way, or will it be monetary, or will it be a little trinket I gave to someone without a second thought? What is it that we leave behind that will last?

Barry and I watch Antique Roadshow and see people who have purchased some dumb thing for a dollar at a garage sale that now is worth thousands of dollars. Is the pumpkin my husband made out of horseshoes going to be worth millions a century from now?

I'm thinking we might not even know what our legacy is because it depends on what is important to the recipient. It could be a poem on a scrap of yellow paper that was written in haste or a rusted hoof knife my husband used when he shod horses.

I wish my legacy would be changed lives . . . of my children, my husband, my students, my friends. I wish my legacy would be more far reaching . . . the audiences I've spoken to or entertained, or who have read my books. What do you want your legacy to be?

My latest novel for young adults, Leo's "Legocy" deals with a legacy of LEGO® pieces. Leo is an 18 year old paraplegic confined to a wheelchair, whose determination to open a LEGO store causes him to do battle with bullies, cannabis retailers, and the city council.


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