Stimulate • Motivate • Educate • Moderate

If you want your staff, organization or congregation motivated, stimulated, elevated or educated, Karen should be your first choice. She has presented, spoken or performed in cafeterias, hospitals, cruise ships, gymnasiums, civic centers, football stadiums, churches, restaurants, businesses, spas, basketball courts and back yards.

She was invited to speak at a horse ranch, but she said, “Neighhhhhh.”

Whether doing standup as The New Church Lady, presenting a motivational keynote speech or workshop training, Karen Robertson loves to SAY IT WITH HUMOR!

Whether you want her to teach, reach or preach, Karen’s lesson, speech, or message will bring the dead-beats to life and the knee-slappers to hysteria.

Karen’s comedy is clean, her motivation is inspiring, and her instructional training is all about how to get people to learn even if they don’t want to. She loves to clown around, but she can inspire the uninspirable, motivate the unmotivatable, and ignite excitement for life in her audiences.

Karen appeals to anyone between the ages of 10 and 110… they just have to be breathing.

Laugh • Listen • Learn

  • Inspirational Speaking
  • Motivational Seminars
  • Goal Setting
  • Life Planning
  • Humorous Writing
  • Stand-Up Comedy

Karen finds…

  • Humor a real stimulator
  • Laughter a true motivator

Karen is…

  • An educator
  • A polished articulator
  • Funny as a moderator
  • A Good News propagator
  • A sure confidence elevator.
  • A Guaranteed captivator!